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Live at the Old Point
Jesse Moore's "Solo Sunday" performances at New Orleans' Old Point Bar are the stuff of legends. Here at his celebration of five years of Solo Sundays at The Point are 6 new songs, 5 new twists on fan favorites and 3 covers, all very Live and Unplugged.

“Jesse Moore is a poet-troubadour with the voice of a nightingale.”

— Bob Corrigan,
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“Moore's talent is undeniable on the entirety of Live at the Old Point doubt Moore will enter the Top Ten CD list of the year once again.”

— Annie Reuter,
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Reviews for "Live"

“Jesse Moore is a local icon, if I may be permitted to use that overused term. Whether he is performing with a band, a duet (as he did recently with guitarist Chip Wilson), or solo, you know you are going to get your money's worth of great music. On this CD he is performing solo, with the one exception of "You're Not My Baby" that he did with Wilson sitting in during one of the two dates last summer when these tracks were recorded. Until recently, Moore held down the Sunday afternoon slot at the Old Point in Algiers and while there he gathered up a loyal following. All but three of the 14 tracks on this CD are originals with, in most cases, deep, profound lyrics that describe complicated relationships and other introspective musings. "You Won't Be There" and "Better Off Alone" are two of the best examples of this. Apparently recovered from a painful condition that affected one of his hands, Moore has returned to playing his guitar in addition to singing along in a crisp, confident style with full range of both notes and emotions. There is a nice version of the Arlo Guthrie classic "City of New Orleans" here, and the closer, Hank Williams Jr.'s "Family Tradition" is a rousing sing-along that puts the musical performance business into its proper perspective. Moore is currently taking a hiatus from performing to focus on his acting and writing, but more than likely, he'll be back. Let's hope so.”

– Dean Shapiro, Where Y'at Magazine, New Orleans

Wilson & Moore
Side by Side


"Reminiscent of Randy Newman's Good Old Boys (Reprise, 1974) in its ability to capture the culture of a region in both story and musical sensitivities, Side by Side is an essential listen and southern Louisiana narrative?this cooperative effort from Wilson & Moore, neighbors in the (New Orleans) Musicians? Village, serves as a metaphor for the recovery status of the city, moving beyond survival and toward prosperity."

— Craig M. Cortello,
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New Orleans Musicians Village featuring Jesse

Praise for Wilson & Moore

"(Jesse Moore) is a fine singer/songwriter with a great touch on the guitar and a great lyrical touch. He's one of those guys in (New Orleans) that is very, very valuable to the scene."
– Keith Spera, Music Critic
New Orleans Times-Picayune
"His name is Chip Wilson, and, this guy, he plays crazy good."
– Chris Rose, Times-Picayune, New Orleans

"Wilson is radiating pleasure through the back room."

– Offbeat Magazine, New Orleans

Praise for "Side by Side"

"An excellent CD! "You'll Get Through It" is a smile of a song."
– New Orleans Times-Picayune

"A truly wonderful CD. It will sooth your soul. We love "You'll Get Through It."

– Morning Show, WWLTV4
"A great first joint for two talented, top-rate New Orleans musicians."
"...a unique musical effort.The textured vocal harmonies are exquisite, simplistic yet appropriate instrumentation enhances Wilson's six-string mastery, and the exceptional songwriting sensitivities of Wilson and Moore bring Side by Side front and center on the summer music release list."
– Where Y'at Magazine, New Orleans


More Than Life Itself
Picked by the Times-Picayune of New Orleans as " of the Top 10 CDs of the Year!", this beautifully crafted, deeply personal, rootsy CD is the first CD released by any Louisiana artist since Hurricane Katrina devestated the Crescent City. Produced by Anders Osborne, it is a journey of the heart and soul.
More Than Life Itself
Stranger In the Band
Taste Your Tears
It's Gonna Be OK
If I Had a Boat
Underneath It All
Late Night All Alone
Not Really
It's Gonna Be OK II

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Reviews for "More Than Life Itself"

"Jesse Moore squeezes a timeless masterpiece from his grief in Anders Osborne's beautiful, rootsy production."
– Ruud Heijjer
Music Writer, Heaven Magazine, Amsterdam

"Really great! Added immediately to our playlist."

– Kjell Andreassen
Radio Holstebro 07,4 MHZ, Denmark

"More Than Life Itself is one of the best albums I've had the pleasure to listen to in recent times. The mixture of blues, soul and folk make me think about Jesse as a sort of J.J. Cale but with a more soulful approach making his music completely original and appealing."

– Massimo Ferro, Radio Voce Spazio, Italy

"One of the Top 10 CDs of the Year!"

– The Times-Picayune, New Orleans

"An album filled with truly poignant songs of love and hope. Each track rises with gentle grace, caressing the listener like afterglow."

– Chronogram, New York

"Jesse Moore shows why he is one of the rising stars of the Crescent City music scene with a fine new CD that is a grand collaboration with some of New Orleans’ best songwriters and musicians."

– Tom Morgan, WWOZ Radio, New Orleans
"Jesse Moore's lyrics are heartfelt and personal, almost like excerpts from a journal. His songs tell compelling stories. His creative lyrics are complimented nicely by the vast musical and instrumental charm of the musicians involved."
– Offbeat, New Orleans

"Jesse Moore's new CD captures the subtlety of the New Orleans sound. He is a cross between Curtis Mayfield and Taj Majal."”

– Poughkeepsie Journal, New York

"...nuanced arrangements, subtle musicianship and emotional honesty...resonates especially well in post-Katrina New Orleans."

– The Times-Picayune, New Orleans

"Jesse Moore's "Its Gonna Be OK" from his new CD "More Than Life Itself" should be the official post-Katrina anthem."

– Eric Paulsen
WWLTV4 Eyewitness News, New Orleans


The HooDooMan

"The HooDooMan" is a delicious roots rock and rhythm & blues gumbo spiced liberally with Mardi Gras second line rhythms and funk-fried bayou magic. This ain't Zydeco. It's true-blue New Awlins Rhythm and Blues, ya'll! There are elements of swamp blues ("When the Hoodoo Come Down"), New Orleans funk n' fun ("Teenie Weenie Woman"), reggae ("Peace Of Mind"), alt rock ("Decisions"), R&B ("Wrong Kinda Woman"), and funky roots rock (the Little Feet-esque "Mendin Ya Wayz"). Throughout it all is the New Orleans perspective, the second line sensibility. And of course...magic!

When the Hoodoo Come Down
Teenie Weenie Woman
Wrong Kinda Woman
Peace of Mind
Mendin Ya Wayz
Congo Square
The HooDooMan
Let It Go
You Won't Be There

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Reviews for "The HooDooMan"

"Jesse Moore stirs up a gumbo of roots rock, rhythm & blues, Mardi Gras second line rhythms and funk in 'The HooDooMan'. The CD is fun, entertaining and even magical!"
– Indie Magazine, New Orleans

"Jesse Moore's new CD displays one dizzying array of styles! He wants you at his party and, before long, you'll want to be there. You definitely want to catch his act before fame finally catches up with it."

– Robert Fontenot, Offbeat Magazine
New Orleans, LA

"Jesse Moore's new CD "The HooDooMan" is a winner! He is a fine songwriter and the production is excellent."

– Tom Morgan, Host-The New Orleans Show
WWOZ New Orleans Radio
"Jesse Moore-- also known as "The HooDoo Man"-- took the Hudson Valley by storm when he landed here in 2001. His shows at Oasis and New World Home Cookin' left dancers sweaty and music fans breathless, thanks to a tight stage show."
– DJ Wavy Davy, Chronogram, New York

"Jesse Moore is a consummate performer with a heart of soul, rhythm & blues gumbo stirring things up on every stage I've ever seen him entertain on. His grooves are deep and they only get deeper and funkier as the night goes on."

– Mike Moss, Organizer-Blues 2000 Festivals